PATI (2018) ©

“PATI is an interactive installation made for Cinedans Festival, 2018 Amsterdam.
In the intstallation becomes the participant the director of the work. A 1 on 1 relationship that is about the confrontation between the viewer and the ballet dancer, who controles who?
Breaking the 4th wall plays a major role in this. The spectator is challenged to determine how the "story" ends.
The makers have sought a physical form of confrontation between the ballet dancer and the viewer; The visitor steps into the area, the ballet dancer notices the presence of the visitor and will stand on her toes. The effort and interaction continue as long as the visitor remains standing. She will not rest until the visitor has left the area.

Dance, a theme about a great desire to reach the top and where perseverance and motivation are very important. Where do the visitor's emotional boundaries move towards the dancer?”

Vynil Cloth wooden frame / Frame 64x48,5 Cloth 50x35 © 2018

Thanks to / Cyrille Bloemers 
 Renee Lansink 
 Ronald Nijhof

Job van Nuenen
 David Castanheira
 Nienke Rooijakkers 
 Jan ten Cate 

Sjoerd van Acker

Makers /

Jelka Waalewijn   
Eva Lute 
  Ajehna Rustveld 
 Leon Boogaard