(NL) Ik herhaal jou jij herhaalt mij.

Graduation work, Gerrit Rietveld Academie Amsterdam
By Eva Lute. Special thanks to Kees Aafjes

Interactive digital installation
6 min.
Camera, two beamers, red lights, Arduino, C++, spots, puch button

The fact that our emotions leak from all sides of our bodies makes us human. We are built to connect with the people around us. Your position usually finds its meaning in the relationship with the other. But why is loneliness becoming an increasingly discussed topic?

At a time when cameras have come to play a major role, fear arises. Fear of each other. It looks like cameras have been given the power to tear us apart.

I asked myself: how can I change the function of the camera so that it leads to vulnerability and solidarity?

The camera asked me questions in return: What happens when I look at another person through a medium? Where do we meet?

Thesis: https://www.mistermotley.nl/ik-weet-dat-ik-je-zie/