How dare
ruin my

Part of the project “Room for space.” 

“How can you use the street as a public space, instead of a utensil to go from A to B. How you become consciously and actively aware of your presence in the public space. Individual gestures by different artists. A collective intervening of your daily routes throughout the city. To tilt your perspective in order to create a different awareness of where you are. Your location mostly finds its meaning in relation to where you’re heading.

We want to tilt that indication of your location and it to be just this moment.
Creating     room    for     space.

An ongoing and growing project as well online as offline. Documenting works pre- sented on the street in relation to create room for space. You can stumble upon the works, or look up them on the digi- tal map. Temporarily performances, works that will be there forever, and everything in between. These artworks as poetic inter- ventions of daily routes, are documented and been given a platform by this project.”